Pastor’s Desk

Pastor’s Desk

The purpose of these posts is to acquaint you with the scriptures that provide undeniable proof of the continuation of Christ’s ministry in our day.

As we look upon the events that unfold in the world each day, we see more and more proof of the reality of Christ and the need to know Him in a personal way. Pastor Tim Pruitt will be adding more articles to this page to help answer questions and bring clarity to Biblical truths tha we hold dear to our hearts. We trust that these articles will spiritually bless you and fortify you with knowledge directly from God’s unfailing Word.

Revelation Chapter 4 Reviewed

On Sunday morning, March 24, 1963 after preaching the first through sixth Seal, Bro. Branham answers questions.  One question is concerning Revelation 5:9, and the question is asked “are these the raptured saints”?   Bro. Branham reads part of the verse and answers, No. These are not the saints, He has not claimed His property yet.  These are the heavenly group, not yet the redeemed. As he continues on to the next question, the Holy Spirit stops him, commanding him…

The Bride Age

THE BRIDE AGE Click Here To Download Article in PDF Format The Bride Age is a vital subject and is specifically a point in time in the last age where God is calling out a bride and preparing her for the Rapture. The Bride age is connected to many major scriptural fulfillments of prophecy such as, Revelation 10, the revealing of the Son of Man, the evening light, the latter rain, the restoration, the indictment of the denominational ages, the…

Who Is Christ?

Who Is Jesus Christ? All things were made by Him. There is simply nothing in creation that this Man didn’t make. Who do you say this is? We say more than a man, and far more than the modern world understands Him to be. There have been many great men of God down through the ages of time, but there has never been a man quite like this Man. He created the world, and all that there is, yet the…