About Evening Light Tabernacle

The congregation of Evening Light Tabernacle first met in an old church building nestled in the woods of northern Louisiana. The building, built in 1878, was formerly known as the Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church. During the 1950s, a Methodist group used the church. Then, in 1972, a small group of Christian Believers who met regularly in the home of J. O. Pruitt obtained permission to use the abandoned building. There weren’t many conveniences: there was only one electrical outlet; six lights dangled from the ceiling; and there was no running water or gas hookup for heat. In the beginning, the congregation was mostly family.

In the year of 1978, the group was chartered and became officially known as Evening Light Tabernacle of the Lord Jesus Christ. That same year, Bro. Tim Pruitt was officially elected pastor, although he had served in that position from the beginning. The church body also elected deacons and trustees. Through the years, the interior was changed and rearranged several times to accommodate the growing congregation and to add necessary conveniences. Finally, it was decided only a new and larger building could accommodate the growing church. In 1995, construction began on a new sanctuary. After completion, it was dedicated during our annual Labor Day Meetings in 1996. The old building is now used for Sunday School for the youth of Evening Light Tabernacle. In 2013, the church voted to start a new church building project outside of Minden, LA (approximately 20 miles away).

Today, we have a congregation of many wonderful people from all over the area, including some from neighboring states. We enjoy the fellowship of believers in sister churches all over the world and take every possible opportunity to come together to worship the Lord and fellowship one with another. Each year, our church hosts special meetings throughout the year, a family camp in east Texas at the end of May, and a camp for our youth each spring in southern Louisiana.

We welcome you to visit us during any of our services. We believe in taking the Scriptures at their face value and presenting Jesus Christ—not only in our teachings and in our services—but , most importantly, in our lives. We believe that all Christians must have a new birth whereby their nature is changed into the very image of Christ Himself. We are living in the last space of time allotted to the Gentile age before Christ’s return. Hence, the name, Evening Light Tabernacle, for we truly are at the evening time. However, the Scriptures contain the promise that at the evening time, there shall be light

Our Church

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.